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The adult physicals exam is a process, which by a healthcare provider investigates the body of a patient for potential signs of disease. The exam can be performed to assist in diagnosing a specific problem or to assess general health. Oftentimes a patient may not be experiencing any outward symptoms but a physical exam will detect a problem. This is why it is important to stay on top of your health and have routine examinations done. Our provider will do this taking your and perform a physical exam to assess your overall health and to establishment a correct diagnosis and treatment plan if necessary. The physical exams, includes the measuring of vital signs (Temperature, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Pulse and Respiratory Rate) and Organ System Review (Cardiovascular, Lungs, Breast, Abdomen, Genitalia, Musculoskeletal, Nervous system, Head and Neck and Skin). Your physical examination requirements will vary based on your age, sex, and risk factor for disease. Having a comprehensive physical exam performed on each patient gives the doctor a baseline of the patient’s health. Regular exams have proven to reduce morbidity and mortality. So do not wait until you do not feel well to help prevent illnesses.

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